Friday, February 6, 2015

For Your Health: Make Your Own Chia Seed Juice

I went to the doctor last September and my blood pressure was high.  I never had high blood pressure before, not even when I was pregnant.  I was so shocked!  I had blood test done and after being asked a bunch of questions, he said "Well, you are not over weight and BMI is in normal range, you're active, blood test came back normal, you already don't smoke or drink, so I can't tell you to stop. Heredity could be the reason?" 

He begins to suggest taking a pill, at this dosage or that dosage and for me to take it once a day... forever.  Just like that, I was doomed to taking a pill once a day forever without any understanding as to why my BP was high.  I told him to give me a few months to educate myself on this and to see what I could. 

I remember my grandmother talking about her high blood pressure and her needing to take a pill every day for the rest of her life.  She was also a chain smoker and a light drinker and over weight. So, I wonder is that hereditary?  Can I inherit my grandmother's chain smoking, drinking, over weight blood pressure disease?  Would she have had high BP if she did not do those things?  We'll never know?

I could always exercise more and eat healthier.  Those were my main tools right there.  I read about what foods help lower BP and planned a menu around those foods.  For the first time ever, I logged what I ate.  I thought I would never do that.  It seemed senseless to me, but it actually helps.  Who knew that the experts knew what they were saying when they suggest to log what you eat. I did that for 2 weeks and then 2 months later, I did it for 1 week.  I think I will do that periodically to keep myself aware.

This is something I made to write down what I ate throughout my day.
Food Journal







SUNDAY Take a break and plan for the next week.


I really wanted to eat foods that were heart healthy and not feel deprived.  If I don't LOVE what I am eating, I WON'T eat it!  Chia seeds are loaded with Omega 3's and potassium and I needed to eat more of both.   
Here's a great fact: Chia seeds ability to reverse inflammation, regulate cholesterol and lower blood pressure make it extremely beneficial to consume for heart health.

I always wanted to try chia drinks but they are so expensive.  I finally treated myself and surprisingly, I liked it.  It is very different than what I am used to.  I mean I usually don't chew my drinks. You're not exactly chewing it but sorta.  I thought... I will make my own at a fraction of the cost.  Another surprise was how easy it is. I thought it would be some complicated process, but it is not.  If you can pour water, you can make this drink.

Oh and my BP...low again.  I guess I won't really know what caused it but for me making these simple changes helped. However, I am not suggesting for you to not follow your doctor's orders.  I am just sharing how it all went down with me!

To make chia juice~

1 cup of  juice of your choice~ I used 100% grape juice
1 cup water
3 TB chia seeds

How to make your own chia juice~

Warm your water and add your 3 TB of chia seeds. 
Stir well
Put lid on jar and refrigerator. 
Refrigerate overnight.
The next day, remove jar from fridge (water will be a thick gel) and add 1 cup of  juice of your choice and mix well.

This makes 2 servings.
You can double or triple this recipe as needed.


  1. Hi Friend- I'm so thankful for all your info. You are so amazing. I'm going to try it with Jamaica juice.

    1. Hi! I think about you all the time! I miss you! That sounds yummy! I should try that too! Let me know what you think.